131.8 lbs and Xmas Party (-0.6)


So its been a couple of days since I last posted. I’ve been eating out with my bf these past couple of days and I had a Mikes Hard Lemonade last night so I haven’t been losing much. Anyway, I’m just glad that I haven’t gained. One more day of not dieting though. Today my aunt is having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and of course there’s gonna be lots of food. Ill just try and be aware of how much I put on my plate. I’m pretty excited about the party, I’m making my sweater out of pieces of felt and some stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. Hope it turns out well ! Its going to have the minions from despicable me on it.

2 more days until Christmas eve! This is going to be the first year in a while that I spend it at home. My parent are throwing a party too so Ill be spending it with them.



Keeping myself in check

Just a quick update. I havent really been keeping up with dieting and exercising and I ran out of Oxyelite Pro pills so I’m going to have to switch to something else. Its a lot harder without anything. Anyway, yesterday I went back up to 135.8lbs, thats only 3.2lbs less than my start weight. So.. I’ve gained back 12 lbs.. this sucks but I know its my fault for letting myself slip. Luckily its the winter so I dont have to worry too much about showing skin.

I did well yesterday and this morning I was down to 132.4lbs so I lost 3.4 lbs in a day. I can be really good today too, hopefully Ill lose some by Friday, I think my bf wants to do something. See this is what has been happening, my bf and I are going out to eat too much and drinking so Im just gaining weight. Were having fun and enjoying ourselves but its not good for my weight loss. *sigh*

I’ll check in again tomorrow.

Have a good one !

Oh, and I have a dentist appointment today at 8.45 AM for a small cavity. IDK if Im going yet, I might chump out, I hate the dentist.


Ate so much.

Ugh. Yesterday was an awesome day up until like 9:30pm. I went to work and got back at like 4:30 in the afternoon and I wasnt even hungry. It was awesome but my bf said he wanted to go out and of course thats my weak spot, i LOVE going out. lol. Anyway we went to eat and I ate a lot.. and then we drank, I had 3 shots and an AMF(so many calories). This morning I weighed 125.8lbs, same as yesterday but Im sure thats not my true weight. Im scared of what the scale will say tomorrow and I only have 3 days worth of pills left, what a waste..


Also, I think Im going to get fired at Chipotle. lol. After only 3 days

125.8lbs (-1.6)

Good Morning All !

So I’m going to be working this morning at Chipotle, they called me to come in last night too. Worked from 5.30p-10.30p. So far I really like it, Im just doing easy stuff like bussing the tables and keeping the dining area clean. Not much to complain about except taking out the trash is gross sometimes. Our trash bags are ridiculously thing. lol. It can get really messy sometimes. I wish I had time to wash my work clothes but I worked late and have to come in early today. Maybe Ill get the chance today afterwards. I should be off at 4pm (hopefully). Lots and lots of moving around at work so Im really happy about that, Im getting my exercise in without even thinking about it. The only thing that kinda sucks is that we really dont get time to use the restroom cause theres always so much to do, so Ive got to be careful about how many liquids I take in at work.

Have a great day !



New Job at Chipotle ! (127.4)

So I finally was able to get another job.  I just started working at Chipotle this Friday. The schedule isnt set yet and Im still working my other job so everything is kind of a mess right now. And Ive gained a ton of weight back so I started drinking lots of water today and Im back on OxyElite. I only have 5 days worth left so Im going to have to start looking for a new diet pill since this one had its formula changed. 😦

Anyway, today I weighed in at 127.4lbs. Hoping that tomorrow morning will be down a bit. I think that working at Chipotle is going to help me lose weight, its mostly standing and walking around all day. I didnt get a chance to sit down except for on my breaks. lol.

More updates when I can. Hope everyone is doing well



120.6lbs (-1.4) + ESM

Yay! Finally got below 122 ! I’m so excited ! I’ll make this short, don’t want to wake up my bf. So, I did really well yesterday, didn’t get a chance to increase my intake though. My bf n I are planning on going out tonight (yay?). I want to go but I don’t want to gain, its inevitable if I drink though. I was thinking about going to ESM (Electric State of Mind) tonight, they’re having a rave in my area. I’ve never been to one before and I don’t follow the artists or anything but I do usually like techno n trance so I think it’d be fun. I’ve been looking up what girls wear and I’m kind of intimidated. I don’t think I can wear what the girls usually do so I’m reconsidering because of that lol. Also, the tickets are 25$ each so I don’t wanna spend 50 just to get in and then decide I don’t like it. Ugh, have any of you guys been to a rave before? Did you enjoy it?





Have a good one !



122.0lbs (-0.6) && Vicodin+Side-effects

So I’m pretty disappointed that I only lost .6 since yesterday. I had about 460 calories in total yesterday. I think it has to do with the fact that 1. 122 was where I had left off last so I was mostly bloated from the last couple of days and 2. I took Vicodin for my UTI, one of the side-effects is constipation and I haven’t been “regular” as far as potty-trips for about 5 days. I took something to help me “go” this morning and it seems to be working really well. Hopefully I’ll feel normal again by tomorrow.

Anyway, I worked 5 hrs yesterday and made $100 so I’ve got a little bit of money. Good thing too cause my bf wants to go out on Saturday and he hasn’t been making a lot of tips at work. Its been so slow for him these last couple of months. Hopefully things get better in the Winter.

I have to work today at noon, going to the dr. to pick up a prescription for my boss, drop it off at the pharmacy, then grocery shopping for her n a mocha @ MCD for her morning coffee. Shes gonna have to start reimbursing me for gas soon lol. This is all extra stuff I do for her besides the things I do in her house. I don’t really mind though. I’ve known her for a long time.I’m going to try and increase my intake a bit today, I don’t think I’m eating enough.

Have a good one !




My boyfriend the other day told me he had a picture he wanted to show me, he said “This girl is just as beautiful as you are” and he shows me a picture of a girl who is very much overweight with a chubby face. She somewhat pretty but extremely overweight. I cried.

-2.6 @ 122.6lbs

Good Morning WordPress,

Lost a good amount yesterday and I’m back to where I left off. I’m pretty happy about that, also I’m on the last day of antibiotics for the UTI. (Yay!) It’s Tuesday and I don’t have any plans until Saturday (any definite plans that is). My bf wants us to go out on Saturday night, he said he’s going to take the day off from work so we can go and watch it. Thursday night I’m supposed to go clubbing with my bf’s sister-in-law but he said he doesn’t want me to go cause she drinks a lot and doesn’t want me to be pressured to get wasted and on Friday its an old co-workers birthday, she’s doing a dinner. I think I’m going to skip out on both. That means I have 3 more days of clean eating before Saturday. I’m finally going to get below 122!!

I’ve got work this morning at 11AM probably wont be done until 4PM. And I didn’t get a call back from the interview. Seems like they might have had someone else already in mind. Oh well, I’m going to call them today and ask them what I can improve on.










Have a good day !